They’re Coming! A Pre-Sale Offering

Finally, They’re On Their Way!!!

Black Angel Cards: 36 Oracle Cards and Messages for Divining Your Life
by Zenju Earthlyn Manuel


(photo of Zenju Earthlyn Manuel by Vaschelle André)

Open your window!

We have gotten some wind under the wings of the Black Angel Cards ( They are being produced in a classy professional way in this very moment: 36 Cards (large format 5″x7″), accompanying book with messages, and a colorful box to preserve your deck.

They arrive February 2015. So you are not left out this time, we suggest purchasing your deck now during our pre-sales  for $35.00 on this website only until January 2015. After pre-sales the Cards will be sold regularly for $45.00 plus tax and handling on Which stills beats the outrageous prices private booksellers on Amazon are charging.

Be among the fortunate ones to purchase at the special pre-sale offering of $35.00 plus shipping and tax.

Make sure you get one for your BFF(s) or whomever tends to borrow your books :)  For the cards and book click on BUY NOW below.

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