About this Site


Zenju Earthlyn Manuel  (Photo: © Vaschelle André/Divine Photography)

“May you align with your heart.”

This site is an offering by Zenju Earthlyn Marselean Manuel to those who love the Black Angel Cards and to those who may fall in love with them some day.  This site brings to the public eye a gift that was given to Earthlyn through a spiritual lucid dream.  Here you will be in touch with any of  her work pertaining to the Black Angel Cards.

Born Earthlyn Marselean Manuel, in Los Angeles, California, she was led through her Christian upbringing, to African indigenous practices, Native American traditions and Buddhism, creating a unique path of awakening.   Also, she followed her creative spirit in becoming a visual artist and creative writer.  After 25 years as a student of Buddha, she was ordained as a Soto Zen Buddhist priest and given the name Zenju meaning complete tenderness which she now must aspire towards.  Hence, her dharma practice is greatly influenced by her awareness of our need as living beings for compassion in healing and for our enduring quests for liberation.

Stay tuned to life.