Ordering The Deck

7C Earth Mother[cropped]

In these times of Covid 19 many have contacted me regarding the Black Angel Cards:36 Oracles and Messages. I’m sad to say, as of today, 4/26/2020, this oracle is out of print indefinitely but not forever. This medicine came through a lucid dream after a visit to Tamil Nadu, India and has served as medicine to many since 1996. Harpercollins paid me dearly and then I took over the rights after 10 years. Currently, there is no longer the infrastructure/team to continue.
I believe this work will make its way back. Stay tuned.
Sessions with the cards have been paused so that other work can come through. Please bear with us.
P.S. Do not purchase the decks with exploited prices by other sellers on Amazon.com.
Zenju Earthlyn Manuel