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Note: Due to workload Zenju Earthlyn Manuel is not offering sessions with the oracle at this time. It is important that she takes time away. Please check back.

An invitation for a spiritual divination is more than a psychic reading to foretell the future as defined in western culture.  Experiencing a divination is a beautiful, empowering and healing manifestation of spirit.  It is an opportunity to hear direction  and to connect, more deeply, with what you know “in your bones.”

Guidance with these cards steers away from prediction of the future but rather directs you to the inner core of your life.  Once awaken to that inner core you become awake to your true nature.  Once seeing your true nature your life unfolds as you envision it.  With all of life’s challenges our senses are dulled and we forget who we are.  A session with the cards can rejuvenate that beingness you were born with.

The Black Angel Cards appeared in a dream and from that point forward (16 years so far) Zenju has used them to help others see their true nature and to develop a sincere relationship with the ancestors.

In her session she will use the 36 Black Angel Card deck of which she illustrated and according the messages she received. She will create a spread with the cards.  This spread is what will be read to assist in answering your spiritual questions. If you are open many times ancestors will show up to assist her in helping you. She will reveal them to you.

These sessions take place by phone only at this point. Face-to-face are for those Zenju knows personally and are rare these days. There is a financial offering. Keep in mind you are receiving a reading from the originator/creator of the cards through which the dream was manifest and the energy it takes to communicate with your ancestors. You will receive information on how to prepare.

Book a session by emailing us:

If you have questions please contact Kaishin Holland, Assistant to Zenju.