An Important Message About the Black Angel Cards?

(The Changer  – by Earthlyn Manuel)

An Important Message to You about the Cards

A black angel is the essence, the symbol of the light inside the darkness of our lives. The wingspan of the black angel lifts us from the ground, helping us to rise when things appear difficult. It is an ancient symbol of sacred darkness filled with wisdom. The 36 illustrated deck of cards and accompanying book came to me in a lucid dream one night as I slept. All the messages and images poured forth within two weeks after the dream. First, I shared the gift with women of African descent because I felt the cards especially expressed the feminine divine when it is embodied in a dark dreambody. And you will sense and feel such a divine presence in this deck. At the same time, I was aware of the gift’s universality. I knew it was relevant to all living beings as we embrace the interrelationship of the divine feminine despite our gender, race, sexuality, or class. We can all find ourselves in each other despite the ways we are embodied. I share this gift because the black angel is within all of us.

When I awakened from the dream that brought forth this deck, I realized the dream shed light on the suppressed, or lost aspects of myself that need to be uncovered. In removing distortions around my identity I found thirty-six essences of my life that I believe resonated with all living human beings but especially those of us who have experienced prolonged cruel mistreatment in the world especially women, women of color, black women and even more specifically queer black women. I have affirmed my life many times with these cards and I am quite aware now that there is an infinite number of ways, beyond thirty-six, in which I inhabit the earth. This is the third unfolding of the dream as I see it. Along the way, I have developed the capacity to see the root of what causes emotional and spiritual pain. With such awareness I have come to divining my life, which means I have come to seeing clearly when there is distortion in my mind or not.

The Black Angel Cards are here to re-frame the darkness felt in our healing. With the awareness they provide we can transform a negative view of darkness and see this sacred darkness as the unknown, unimagined, magically mysterious and the places inside of us that have been untouched by suffering. The cards provide light when transforming our despair into wellness.

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