Continuing the $30.00 Special

URGENT NOTICE (March 31, 2017):  Amazon stock ran out. Please be patient.  We are restocking and because we are small potatoes it will take some time. If you have proof of an Amazon purchase that has not been received please send us your payment record and we will have a deck sent from our warehouse. Please contact us.

We regret that we are not able to fulfill our own orders due to lack of personnel. We apologize for any inconvenience.

For your great support and wonderful feedback we want you to make it easy to gift this deck to your loved ones. Our summer special  will continue indefinitely  at $30.00 a deck  ($15.00 dollars off the original price) on We want everyone who wants a deck to have a deck. This special will end when inventory runs out. This was a private run and we are unsure if the deck will be continued in the future due to costs. We love you!!!!


2 thoughts on “Continuing the $30.00 Special

  1. Hello. I have had the Black Angel Cards for years. I am wondering if the new book that accompanies the cards now is significantly different from the first book or contains any updates. Thank you for this beautiful gift!

    • The book is not significantly different but has updated insights from the author over the 16 years she has worked with the cards. ….Asefi, Assistant to Zenju Earthlyn Manuel

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